Natural Life

There is an old man who takes a walk everyday around the clinic. It seems he had suffered from some disease which left him a little gait disturbance, but unless it rains, he makes his daily walking. Sometimes he talks to me when I take care of my garden, and we found both of us like plants.

One day I found a plastic bag at my garden gate pole. There was a bunch of moss in it. I was not sure who the sender was, but thought maybe ... him. Last week at last I had a chance to talk to him and confirmed it. He said in his hometown, near Monobe River, there was a place where he found abundant of natural water moss, and he thought I might be pleased to get it. I made a rabbit moss topiary (koke-dama) by his moss. My patients love this rabbit a lot, too.

Daily exercise not only makes a person healthy physically, but also makes himself and others happy.

Nov. 9, 2013